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Top 3 Cities in Europe for Techies to Find Work

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Looking for a change or perhaps just fancy using your job to travel to travel the world and experience new cultures? The days are gone where you need to cosy up to your boss and ask for a sabbatical, because now is the time move to one of the most booming tech cities in Europe.

The technology sector has been on an exhilarating  and colossal surge in the past 2 decades starting in Silicon Valley and very quickly spreading to the rest of the world, As the technology sector continues this sharp upwards trajectory, more and more European cities are putting themselves on the map as global hubs of innovation.

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1. Barcelona


Although the Spanish economy had been a longstanding victim of the Eurozone crisis with its major cities shouldering huge unemployment levels, there is cause for optimistic cheer and it appears that Barcelona is flourishing with a innovative and progressive attitude mixed in with a wonderful lifestyle.

The Poblenou district is being redeveloped into an IT and technology nucleus, with the government offering incentives and subsidies to new businesses, Spanish and Catalan speakers will benefit from rich pickings in the banking, gaming, travel, and tech sectors (Such as Typeform).

2. Berlin


Jack Langi once saidParis is always Paris and Berlin is never Berlin!’

Berlin is a global junction for creativity and culture attracting pioneering thinkers and innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world. Low rents and high wages have certainly helped with a nice one-bedroom flat in the city centre costing a pocket-pleasing €450 a month, on average.

More recently, Berlin’s creative appeal has broadened, attracting the attention of venture capitalists and tech entrepreneurs. Angela Merkel has told Berlin that its startups (including companies like Glispa, Book A Tiger and Kayak) are the “yeast that makes the industry grow.” The city is expected to create over 100,000 new jobs by 2020 thanks to its ingenious, innovative and collaborative culture.

3. Amsterdam


Generous tax conditions have helped encourage entrepreneurship to blossom in the Netherlands. This, coupled with a staggeringly low unemployment rate of just 3.5% makes Amsterdam one of the go to cities in the world for tech companies both large and small. This creates a perfect environment for overseas candidates especially given that the general language of business is English, which is very widely spoken in the Netherlands, especially as almost 1/3 of all employment is generated by international companies, such as Optiver or IMC.
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