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Viewsy: the In-Store Analytics Tracking Platform

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Ever wondered what real-life analytics would look like? Wonder no more. UK commerce startup Viewsy are going against the grain – building offline customer analysis tools for brick and mortar stores. The slightly creepy, but highly intelligent platform analyses real-time, in-store customer behaviour. Essentially it allows retailers to get to know customers and their shopping habits on an individual basis.

Anonymous smartphone wifi signals are tracked and stored by in-store sensor technology and camera feeds, and fed into the Viewsy data analysis engine. Shop owners can then see what each person is doing in the store – what they are looking at, how long they are spending in each section.

The majority of UK consumers still spend most money offline, and until now next to no data was being collected on in-store habits and experiences. Viewsy leverages data-driven marketing insights that empower employees, and in turn elevate customer experience and conversion rates. For the first time every offline shopper can be treated as an individual with unique buying behaviour and preferences, regardless of shop size.

The captured data is hugely valuable in determining what’s working and what’s not. Shop owners can monitor repeat custom trends, time spent browsing, how effective window displays are at capturing street traffic, to name just a few.

Of course it isn’t a case of offline or online – the two go hand-in-hand. Today’s consumers are complex – they live multi-dimensional and multi-platform lives and their buying behaviors reflect this complexity. The challenge, therefore, will be to link online and offline seamlessly. The future of Viewsy will see consumers having the ability to identify themselves on entering a store – their experience now personalised and perhaps linked to online activity – and they can always be treated as a unique customer.



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