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Shazam for Clothing Has Arrived

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Okay – for many of us a dream has just become a reality. The Shazam for clothing is here and so the days of clumsily asking a stranger on the tube where they got their shoes from are (soon to be) history.

John Lewis has partnered with Cortexica; a leading provider of mobile visual search technology. They’ll be trialling their image matching functionality on the John Lewis iPad app, so when a customer sees something they like they can click to find similar items from the John Lewis inventory that might be of interest.

Not surprisingly, John Lewis is the first UK fashion retailer to trial the technology in this way. The company have always viewed technology as as key ingredient of their success. £100m was invested into tech initiatives throughout 2015, and creating a seamless omni-channel shopping experience will be the focus for 2016.

Cortexica’s technology mimics processes found in the human visual cortex to recognise content from digitally captured images. Through recognition and comparison of colours, shapes, textures, and patterns, the app will identify an exact match or the next best thing of a similar style.

Cortexica predict that soon consumers will no longer need to use multiple apps to search for a particular item, rather they will be able to access all visually enlisted inventory from many retail brands.

“We see visual search as being the prominent trend by which retail businesses and consumers interact with each other going forward.” says Cotrexica’s Global Sales & Client Services Director, Alastair Harvey.

Technology will allow consumers to take a photo of the fashion they love, search the items against thousands of other products, discover similar fashion items and instantly buy the ones they like.


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