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CES 2016: The 4 Gadgets That Will Go Mainstream

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A few weeks have passed since CES 2016 – and so we’ve had some time to come to terms with the good, the bad, and the downright bizarre innovations (internet-enabled fridges and  scent-producing alarm clocks) from the show.

We’ve rounded up four of the best and most innovative gadgets that we believe have all the credentials to go mainstream in 2016.


1. Somabar

Having a robotic bartender for your home might sound farfetched – but look how popular Nespresso machines are, and essentially they are robotic baristas. Somabar whips up craft cocktails in a matter of seconds with the push of a button.

Users can add, adjust, or chose from a vast selection of pre-loaded cocktail recipes in the smartphone app, and the machine will expertly and accurately mix and pour the drink. No muddling, shaking, or stirring required.


2. ili Wearable Translator

We’ve become accustomed to having access to maps wherever we go, now ili have solved the problem of language barriers with the world’s first wearable translator for travellers.

Forget faffing with Google Translate. With ili there’s no need for the internet and it uses its own operating system meaning words can be translated instantly. The ability to have an intelligible conversation with someone who speaks a different language means ili could be the next essential gadget for overseas travel.


3. DietSensor

Calorie counter? Then DietSensor is for you. A device is used to scan food, and the app automatically calculates carbohydrate, fat, and protein percentages as well as calorie intake. Ultimately it makes managing health a lot easier.

The wifi-connected molecular sensor uses infrared spectroscopy to determine the chemical and nutritional makeup of food and drink. Even if you are eating at a restaurant, or if the food is homemade, users can still keep tabs on their diet without having to think.


4. Daqri Smart Helmet

Daqri is arguably the most powerful – and most practical – augmented reality device on the market presently. The smart helmet is going to redefine how work is done across many industries, but firstly construction and engineering.

Augmented reality is projected onto the screen of the hardhat so the wearer’s hands are free from extra devices or paper instructions. The Intellitrack system uses 360-degree navigation cameras to analyze environment – in other words X-ray vision on the construction site.



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