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Five Technology Gift Ideas for your Valentine

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When we find ourselves in February, we all know what lurks around the corner… Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day lies in wait, ready to make you question your state of romantic affairs if nothing else.  Who do you love and shall you make your love be known? And if you do not love anyone right now, shouldn’t you find someone to love? And if you already have someone you love, how much should you show they mean to you or should you do nothing, as a gesture to show them how much more significant they are than this meaningless mid-month commercial holiday? If in doubt, that one, by the way, rarely goes unnoticed or down so well… unless nothing is a mutual decision made weeks in advance.  While roses, champagne and diamonds are not necessarily necessary, something is always better than nothing and we’ve rounded up a few technology gifts for your beloved that are as stylish as they are practical and carry a longevity that far surpasses a dozen roses.

  1. Bring Music to their ears.
    We all know how fashionable over the ear headphones have become. Often more comfortable than their earphone alternatives and with sound canceling facilities, they are sure to offer immediate coolness to anyone who wears them.
Beoplay H7 Headphones
Layla Mother of Pearl Headphones by Frends

2. Capture the moment in real life.

With so much romance confined to the digital world, whether in the form of text messages, email and photos, wouldn’t it be nice to bring a picture of your loved one or the moments you share to the real world? A picture you could actually put in your wallet (like the old days!) or into a frame… These are a two of our favourite real-film cameras:

Diana F + Camera
Before there were Instagram filters… There was the Diana F+ Lomography Camera! For colour rich retro vibe photos, this is your camera!

Polaroid OneStep 600 Camera

And for when you want to bring your film photos back to the digital world or for the classic photographer with an archive of negatives, we found this very interesting invention, which is apparently more efficient than a scanner:


3. Good sound sounds good. 

There is nothing like a great sound system or pair of speakers to add to the atmosphere of any home.  Whether it is a state of the art Bang and Olufsen modern sculptural installation or a wallet-friendly wireless device, it will not go unappreciated or unheard.

Beolab 18 Acoustic Works of Art by Bang & Olufsen

Beoplay A9 Speaker in Rose Golden

Philips BT6000 Wireless Speaker in White

4. Luxury Tech is the greatest luxury.

While some may argue that good technology is a luxury to start with, luxury tech is a thing and spans the space where technology and jewellery meet.  With personal customisation options and often incorporating precious metals and gemstones, the following are a few of our favourites:

Vertu pioneered the concept of a luxury mobile phone – Fusing traditional craftsmanship with modern technology,  we love the personalisation options for their British made Aster:

Personalisation options at Vertu
Personalisation options at Vertu, available at www.vertu.com

The seriously rich need serious security and are likely to be time poor and too busy to think about something as mundane as keys, which is why British entrepreneur Richard Dinan came up with the Senturion bracelet. Forged from ancient meteorite that has stood the test of time and finished in precious metals, Senturion provides a high-tech advanced keyless entry security system wrapped elegantly around your wrist.

Senturion Key


Jewellery can mean so much more.  Founded by young London based entrepreneur Kate Unsworth, Kovert is a modern jewellery label to watch.  Featuring a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, the pieces incorporate technology to sync with your phone and send you only the most vital messages through vibration, filtering out the white noise of your uber-connected smartphone and allowing you cherish messages from those most precious to you.

Ring by Kovert

5. Technology Tools for the Kitchen 

While technology has changed the landscape of our communication and working habits, it has also brought much convenience to our kitchens.  For the foodie in your life, here are a couple of ideas:

The Coravin 1000 system has been designed to allow wine lovers pour a glass of their precious wine without damaging the cork and therefore preventing consumption of the whole bottle “just because”. Magic? Yes we know.

Nutribullet Pro
This may not be the most traditional of romantic gestures but health is the greatest gift and wrapped up with a bow, this practical gadget will be a welcome addition to your beloved’s kitchen.




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