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TED 2016 commences today – Dream!

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TED, the conference that promotes “ideas worth spreading” from the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design (did you know that this is what TED stands for by the way?) is due to commence this evening at 5pm PT in Canada’s beautiful coastal city of Vancouver.

This year’s theme is “Dream!” and is heralded by the TED as “a conference dedicated to great feats of imagineering, invention, innovation … and the courageous dreamers who can bring us with them on their journey.”  With a list of speakers including household names Al Gore and John Legend alongside specialists from the niche realms of tree research (Nalini Nadkarni)
and space travel (Mae Jemison), the talks promise to be as diverse as they are starry.

For those who are not lucky enough to be amongst the 1300 guests in attendance, the talks will eventually be able to watched on TED’s Youtube channel.  In the meantime, the opening night will be available to watch in selected cinemas worldwide.  Always full of surprises, we are sure TED will put on a show worth watching!

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