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Highlights from our Growthhacking Night

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Last week, Studio Graphene and Global {M} hosted an evening of great talks on Growthhacking at Wework Moorgate. Crucial areas of startup management were covered such as growthhacking, hiring, marketing and navigating the investment minefield.

Our speakers heralded from a diverse range of fields and drawing from their vast wealth of knowledge and experience, gave great advice for entrepreneurs hoping to grow their business as efficiently as possible.

Tom Catnach, the Digital Product Manager at Studio Graphene, spoke about Growthhacking itself and urging his audience to be “microambitious’, presented a practical list of steps to take in order to effectively grow your startup.  He stressed that growthhacking is an ongoing process, not a fixed plan that must be adhered to.


Nick Waller, the Founder and Managing Director of Global {M}, knows about hiring and employee management from both the employer’s perspective and that of employees themselves.  He gave an insightful overview of steps to ensure effective hiring and improve and maintain high levels of employee engagement on a consistent basis.


Emin Can Turan, a global marketing strategist at Cisco and Business Advisor at Virgin StartUp, gave a detailed presentation of the most vital steps to take in building an effective inbound marketing campaign.  He traced the inbound marketing journey along the three stages of the purchasing funnel from gaining web traffic to closing conversions.


Neil Ray, a Mentor at Raychilds and Series A Startups, joined the stage for a Q & A session on navigating the investment field.  He explained that a startup should only seek investment when they have reached the stage that the only way make more sales is to inject more capital into the business.  While he said it is more rare for a startup to gain investment if they have not yet made any sales, if an entrepreneur presents a viable and credible plan that illustrates how the company will make sales, he might consider it as an investor.


We then heard business pitches from four exciting startups.

The first up was Felix Hamer, the founder of a new social polling crowdsourcing app called Waggle It.  The app enables users to post and answer questions anonymously and simply.  The world within the app will develop into a network of hives of knowledge over time.

Image Source: http://www.waggleit.co.uk/

The second pitch was from Sofie Annikki Dralle, who presented Stop My Craving, an app she has formulated to do, well exactly what it says on the tin (pardon the pun!). The app serves to offer an extensive resource of healthy alternatives so if you are having a craving for pizza after a night out, the app will point you in a less damaging direction that will satisfy your craving.

Image source: www.stopmycraving.com
Image source: www.stopmycraving.com
Thirdly, we heard from Slava Baranovskiy of Eligent System, a new platform for streamlined management of your projects. It can be shared amongst teams in the workplace or used to showcase clients progress on projects.  The system is so new there is very little information online yet but we saw a demo and trust us, it’s elegant and comprehensive! Some info may be viewed here
And last but not least, we were given a presentation by Gabor Barany of Appic Ltd. where they are developing an app, Ludus, to bring personal and tailormade fitness training to every home.  Using innovative technology, the app offers interactive workouts and promoted as “Your Wearable Fitness Coach,” it promises to motivate us to become healthier and fitter within the comfort of our surroundings with no excuses (it’s raining/the traffic is terrible/couldn’t face the thought of the gym… and many more, we know them all!).
Image Source: http://www.ludusapp.com/
Image Source: http://www.ludusapp.com/

It was a real privilege to gain so much advice from leaders in the business and startup arena alongside insight into the stories behind a carefully considered selection of startups to watch. We would like to thank Studio Graphene for putting the evening together and Wework for the drinks and letting us stage the evening in their beautiful space at Moorgate.  We would also like to thank Paradise Pizza on Brick Lane for supplying us with several delicious pizzas to feed our attendees at the event.  They were devoured in 10 minutes so it’s safe to say they went down well!

Watch highlights from the talks in our video below!


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