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Send their Mind Spinning

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What do you get the Tech Rockstar who has everything?  Well, between rare watches, pieces of art and collectible antiques, there are a number of options that even those who have everything will appreciate more of from the high end luxury market.  However, if you don’t have a rockstar budget, we found the perfect gift.

The spinning tops from ForeverSpin are a stylish and modern take on the classic toy that also serves as a charming desk accessory.  Crafted or finished in a range of metals from titanium to 24k Gold, there is even the option to purchase 15 spinning tops in the form of a “metal museum”, which is as educational as it is beautiful.

According to ForeverSpin, the tops have the potential to boost creativity and focus as studies have shown that playing with things on your desk can support thought processes and increase productivity.  We’d believe it… It is certainly much better to look away from your static computer screen and engage with the kinetic energy of the real world during those “blank moments”. There is also something calming and therapeutic about a spinning top and we all know that is during those little moments of calm when the greatest ideas emerge from the depths of the sub-conscious and that is something that even the most accomplished of innovators will always cherish.

The entire collection is available to view and order on ForeverSpin‘s website here.

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