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A Virtual Personal Assistant to Leave Your Hands Free

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Sony Creative Software Inc.

Image Source: http://www.sonymobile.com/

One of the most talked about launches at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday is Sony’s new Xperia Ear headset, which promises to deliver reminders, text alerts, social media posts, calendar entries and even the weather forecast straight to your ear!  While the established virtual personal assistants many have come to rely on, such as Siri and Google Now, offer intuitive virtual personal assistance, it is not so seamless when you have to fumble for your phone to access it. Sony’s Xperia Ear Bluetooth headset is fitted with a microphone, allowing the wearer make calls and dictate text messages and so leaving their hands free to get on with their daily tasks. It also comes with a battery charger in its case so you will never be left on the lurch.  Read more about the device, which is due to launch this summer, here.

On one hand (pardon the pun), this is great. It will allow for a discrete, reliable and streamlined support to your day. On the other, is this one step further to a dystopian society in which individuals are so connected to their own worlds, they become disconnected to each other?   The Xperia Ear calls to mind Spike Jonze’ beautiful film Her, in which the main character, Theodore, became so enraptured with his virtual personal assistant that he fell into a dependent and obsessive love with her. And did they live happily ever after?  Well, if you haven’t seen it, watch the film to find out…

We all know the connectivity powers of technology. In fact, it has become such an integrated part of our existence, we now base and develop our work and personal lives on it.  However, we must also be aware of its DISconnectivity powers and as technology giants continue to offer us their latest and greatest innovations to tap into, we mustn’t forget to tap into our natural capabilities too.   Perhaps we can set a reminder in our phone to do a crossword in the newspaper (note the word “paper”) at 4pm on our teabreak or list all the capital cities in Europe when we wake up and our eyes are still too blurry to fall into the temptations of Google’s infinite knowledge.  These are just a couple of suggestions.  We are sure you can think of more when you look away from the screen!

Scene from Her, image source: http://www.herthemovie.com/


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