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The New Anti-Paparazzi Tech

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From royals to reality TV we are living in an age addicted to celebrity culture. The hunger for celebrity gossip and insight into private lives has never been stronger, despite many stars opening their lives up to the public through social media and reality TV shows. Nonetheless it seems like they have less personal space than ever. More than a few incidents have meant the paparazzi have developed a reputation for being aggressive and intrusive, regularly stalking, hiding or chasing to get a shot.

Ishu have developed an impressive product that means celebrities can take back at least some of their privacy. It is an anti flash scarf which contains light-reflecting technology, so when the flash hits the scarf the entire surrounding area is turned completely black and unrecognisable. The scarf can influence the outcome of any pictures taken with a flash, even in daylight and from up to 50 meters away.

Founder and CEO Saif Siddiqui has spent six years developing the technology. The idea first came to him when taking a photo with friends in Amsterdam and the reflective detail on  a bike in the background interfered with the flash, obscuring the faces in the photo. Since then he has been on a mission to create something which has been dubbed the closest thing we have to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

The scarves – spotted at London and Paris fashion weeks last year – have been an instant hit among celebrities including Nick Jonas and Nina Dobrev. Over the past year ISHU have been working on product development and will be unveiling clothing pieces at this year’s Paris fashion week. And these pieces are not just for adults; children have been thought about too. With celeb tots such as Prince Edward and North West being hounded as much as – if not more than – their parents this can only be a good thing.

The scarves may not curb the hunger for celebrity gossip, but they certainly will allow celebrities to gain some control on what is shared about them can reduce the amount of unwanted or intrusive photos that pop up online.

Image source: http://theishu.com/
Image source: http://theishu.com/



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