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Step into your Flow

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Today we discovered a very exciting interactive project by Digital Art Collective FIELD, which invites anyone (with a computer) to collaborate and create their own piece of digital art using the onscreen (highly hypnotic) palette of sounds, colours and movements that FIELD have created on Uniqueflow.me. As the name might suggest, the graphics take you on a journey that flows through a minimalist landscape of interchanging architectural shapes and light, to mirror the notion of the continuous movement forward and unique journey that we all create through efforts great and small.

Once you have created your piece of digital art, you may save it as a GIF and share it with your friends or followers on Facebook or Twitter.  We would highly recommend playing with it.  Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, you will find that you are.  It is very addictive though so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Reflective of a drive through the city, the project is sponsored by Toyota to celebrate the launch of their new hybrid car model, the C-HR, which traces your unique journey through your environment and is set to redefine what a hybrid should be.  The car is scheduled to be unveiled at The Geneva Motor Show today.

Toyota C-HR, Image Source: www.toyota.co.uk
Toyota C-HR, Image Source:


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