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How to Work & Travel: Your Wanderlust Solved

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Work as we know it is changing, and very quickly. Freelancers already make up 34% of the US workforce and there are 1.4 million freelancers in the UK. By 2040 both economies will be barely recognisable. The days of graduating, getting a corporate job and staying with that company until you retire – with a gold watch 40 years later – are done. Tomorrow’s careers rather, will be composed of thousands of short term projects spread over a lifetime.


Freelancing is seen as a highly attractive, flexible and lucrative career option. Platforms such as TaskRabbit and PeoplePerHour are enabling freelancers to offer their services to a global audience, opening up a vast spectrum of projects to work on. But it’s the emerging startups like Jobattical that are going to unlock a new generation of globetrotting potential. The Estonian startup just raised $2 million in funding and is set to be the brand new marketplace for career adventures.  

The Jobattical platform matches professionals’ skill sets and travel aspirations with companies who are searching for talent. The majority of roles are tech related, though not exclusively. Employers can then hire from a pool of skilled people who are looking to work temporarily in a different country. Many positions are based in emerging tech cities – Siem Reap, Cambodia or Managua, Nicaragua for instance.

Instead of having to take a career break professionals finally have an easy way to live and work abroad for 6 or 12 months without being tied down to anything. The idea of short term projects with life changing experiences can very much be likened to everyone’s favourite year of university (ERASMUS), only for careers.

The concept suits the changing nature of work perfectly – people change jobs more frequently than ever before. Jobattical actually emphasises that elephant that’s often in the room – employers and prospective employees know that a job isn’t for life anymore, yet both continue to act like it is. When both parties are up front about the potentially short or fixed term nature of the project the results are often more productive and both parties have a happier experience.

In its first year Jobattical has succeeded in growing its talent pool to 30,000+ professionals and they have 1,200 companies across more than 40 countries using the platform. Over 300 successful matches have been made so far.

So there you have it, the answer to professional wanderlust has just landed!



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