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Drawing the Lines Between Fashion and Tech

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The global rise of ecommerce and the democratisation of fashion retailing and its consumption due to innovations in technology is no secret.  So flooded is the market, we are spoilt for choice with the plethora of boutiques, massive commercial e-tailers, luxury brands, market places and independent labels to navigate when we decide to go shopping through our screens.  Given the standard template of products and clothing photographed to clinical perfection flat against a white background, that almost all online fashion stores adhere to, it is not often that we are stopped in our tracks and asked to engage beyond the “Add to Basket” or “check out” tabs.

This is why we were completely charmed by new London label “Unmade”, a knitwear brand that invites consumers to participate in the design process of their cashmere and merino garments.  Inspired by 3D printing technologies, Unmade offers a range of jumpers and scarves whose patterns have been initially designed through collaborations with “leading creatives from across fashion, art and design”, such as Christopher Raeburn and Kitty Joseph. Each piece is customisable through an intuitive interactive feature on the website, which allows you change colour palettes, add shapes and move pattern placements around, thus making the garment truly your own.

Not only does the label incorporate an aesthetic of beautiful colours and bold contemporary patterns, Unmade’s innovative and playful take on luxury ecommerce is both sustainable and ethical as by putting the customer “at the heart of the process”, they brand can be sure that no product goes to waste or will remain unsold.

The brand is currently on display in one of the windows at Selfridges until March 27th as part of the store’s “Bright New Things” showcase, featuring emerging sustainable designers who are “fashioning a brighter future”.  The full collection may be viewed and co-designed on Unmade’s website here. You are sure to enjoy the creative process but we should warn you, you might not be able to stop at one jumper!

Some of the designs to play with at Unmade.com
Some of the designs to play with at Unmade.com



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