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Sad Faces for Blackberry Fans as Facebook and Whatsapp Set BB10 Adrift

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BB10 users be warned… The latest update for the Facebook app in Blackberry World is not actually an update but rather a self-destruction button as the app icon is replaced with a link to the mobile version of Facebook in the browser and all data associated with the account in Blackberry hub is deleted.  Oh, and if you integrated your Facebook friends with your phone contacts and telephone numbers, au revoir to those too! One member of our team learned the hard way this weekend…

So what’s going on?  Shortly after Whatsapp announced that it would no longer support BB10 beyond the end of the year, its parent company, Facebook, announced that it would no longer support the BB10 OS platform.  Even if you do not update the Facebook app, it will be rendered obsolete after March 31st. And what about third party apps?  Facebook won’t be releasing any more APIs for the platform’s developers to continue development of further Facebook apps.

While Blackberry have long benefited from a steadfast loyal fanbase, its BB10 users are going to feel slightly unnerved because even if they insist that they can live without Facebook and Whatsapp on their beloved physical keyboard phones, they are bound to be connected with at least some of the 1 billion and 500 million users if these communities.  Thus, this shift can be seen as a severing of contact with those inside Blackberry World by the otherwise omnipresent giant that is Facebook.   Of course, it should be pointed out that Facebook and Whatsapp will still be available on Blackberry’s Android supported Priv device but for those who are still on BB10 OS or older, this move casts them somewhat adrift, isolated and floating in unpredictable waters.  Where will they go from here? Android? iOS? Or can they stay on BB10?  Such questions remain to be answered.  In the interim, we live in hope that Facebook and Blackberry can rekindle their friendship.  Or perhaps this separation will give rise to an exclusive “to Hell with the rest” die-hard Blackberry subculture and the resurgence of BBM as the primary mode of communication amongst its members, who are proud to shun the masses and the masses will follow suit… Stranger things have happened.


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