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Rockstar Profile: Meron Gribetz

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Meron Gribetz is the 30 year old founder and CEO of Meta, an augmented reality company positioned to give Apple a run for their money.

The Israel born tech star started off working for a number of Israeli start-ups and an elite technological unit in the Israel Defense Forces before he developed the entrepreneur bug himself. He then enrolled at Columbia University to study computer science and neuroscience – partly in an attempt to discover more about his own attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. And it was here he got to thinking about computers as a means of aiding the visually impaired and soon he had a lightbulb moment with the idea of Meta. Gribetz dropped out of Columbia shortly before the end of his studies to take his augmented reality project to the next level.

Consistently underwhelmed by the capabilities of Google glass Gribetz is aiming high, striving to take on the giants with the future of computing. In fact with his charismatic persona and drive he has already been compared to the likes of a young Zuckerberg or Gates.

Meta sprung to life in 2012 with $1 million seed funding. Today the team of 25 who live, work and eat together in a Los Altos mansion is leading the transition from mobile to wearable technology through augmented-reality computing. The concept is a pair of augmented reality glasses which combine the power of a laptop and smartphone in the form of a sleek pair of glasses with an infinite virtual screen controlled by hands. Gone will be the days of going back and forth between an instructional video and what you are working on. Rather users will be able to manipulate 3D images in thin air. For example, a demonstration video shows an artist sculpting a virtual vase with her fingers before sending it off to a 3D printer.

So while Google Glass is little more than an accessory for the phone, Meta 1 glasses are potentially the next major technology transformation. It is easy to envisage how professionals including surgeons, builders and architects could use the device. Watch this space – it might just be the keyboard and mouse of the future!

Find out more: www.metavision.com


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