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Is Employee Wellbeing the Key to Engagement?

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Employee health has a huge effect on the bottom line. In the UK the average employee has just over nine sick days per year which adds up to a total cost of £28 billion for UK companies every year. UK workers take more than four times as many days off due to sickness as their global counterparts, so the situation has reached critical levels. A number of innovative companies are attempting to address the situation by taking a proactive approach to health, one of them being London based startup LiveSmart.

LiveSmart empowers employees to measure, track and improve their personal health. The application holistically tracks each employee’s health over time by analysing their internal health, lifestyle, exercise and nutrition patterns. Blood tests are taken which test 34 different health elements ranging from cholesterol profiling to vitamin D deficiency testing. If desired further data can be collected from other apps and wearable tech – such as FitBit – to give the user more detailed and accurate information on their lifestyle habits.

These comprehensive health checks take place every six to twelve months. Data is collated and analysed in an app and every user is then provided with a personal health plan and personal coaching aimed to address and improve their specific health needs. They can then understand everything from their level of heart attack or stroke risk, to their stress and energy levels, and can put the recommendations into practice.

The tool is an effective strategy for organisations seeking to improve engagement – ample studies have shown that employee wellbeing is crucial to staff retention and productivity levels. Not only will a workforce be more productive when they are monitoring and improving their health, but there will also be less sick days taken. Exercise and healthy sleep patterns have such a positive effect on multiple aspects of the brain function and cognition, so the idea is that by educating employees and investing in health an organisation can unlock the full potential of the workforce.  

This is all part of a quantified self movement where individuals monitor various aspects of their daily live with the help of technology. Afterall you can’t improve what you aren’t measuring. However, as we discussed in a previous article companies must take measures to ensure that such sensitive data is kept secure, anonymous and can’t ever put an employee’s job in jeopardy.

Find out more: http://www.getlivesmart.com/


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