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An Energy Booster To Optimise Your System

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The alarm clock on a Monday morning can feel like a cruel punch in the ear as the siren of the week’s workload calls you from your bed.  The journey to work can be somewhat like a sleepwalk and the day goes uphill from there.  If you are prone to the Monday mopes, we have a piece of advice for you…  While not directly related to technology, this is an update you may like to download to boost your productivity and optimise the running of all your system background engines  for the week to come and ever after.

This is not a new thing and the health benefits of all associated ingredients are common knowledge amongst health professionals  but one member of our team discovered the powers of a little concoction last Monday and she feels so strongly about it that we have to share it with you.  Apart from hot water, there are just three ingredients involved – half a squeezed lemon (preferably the large leafy Sicilian types that taste more like fruit, not acid), chopped fresh ginger and… (here’s where the magic lies) a good pinch of cayenne pepper. Drunk first thing in the morning, it feels like a warming fire going through your body and the benefits last throughout the day.

The main benefit is energy – on consumption, you are immediately awake and switched on and unlike coffee, there is no energy dip two hours later, there is no mid afternoon slump and no sluggish feeling in the evening after your “long day’s work”.  This elixir of life (as we now call it) is like switching on a light at the beginning of the day and that light stays on and constant throughout your waking hours.  There is no false high and no false low, just a new invisible platform that gives you a clearer view of you workload and the power to get through it. Supported with this new energy, you will find your cognitive abilities are enhanced – thinking is sharper, the haze over the path between processing ideas and implementing action is removed and bright ideas come to mind quickly and often.  We are not health experts or professionals so are not going to go into the science behind these three gifts from nature (A Google search will offer elaborations on this though) but all we can say is this is what it does for us and we like it.  Try it and you will see! After all, your body is your greatest and most important piece of technology!







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