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App of the Week: StopMyCraving

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The health food industry has been growing steadily and is showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. Health and wellness concerns continue to increase in importance and consumers from all demographics are willing to pay more for healthy or organic foods. A wide range of apps are on offer to help consumers keep on top of their health and improve their eating habits. New to the table, and our app of the week, is StopMyCraving, an app designed to quell cravings by offering up healthy alternatives.

Born out of a frustration of dealing with an eating disorder and a number of serious food allergies founder Sophie Dralle was keen to change the way she viewed food. Rather than seeing it as good or bad she decided to embrace her cravings but look for the healthiest option. Thinking this method could be used to help many others, StopMyCraving was born.

Cravings are the body’s natural way of notifying us that there is at least one nutrient in that food that we are lacking and that can help us feel better physically. Think of a hangover – when we drink alcohol the sodium levels in our bodies are diluted which is why we crave salty foods like burgers or kebabs after drinking.

On the app users create a profile where they input their dietary needs, allergies and values (such as if they prefer organic or local produce). They then search the food they are craving and healthier alternatives will come up as well as where to buy. So for example a search for chocolate bar could be replaced by a Zero Zebra Rice Chocolate Bar which does contain Belgian chocolate, but is gluten and dairy free.

As well as finding healthier alternatives to our favourite foods Stop My Cravings aims to bring back transparency between the food industry and consumers. They have hand selected food partners who are dedicated to a sustainable future and are honest about the production of their food.

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Try it today and see if it can put a lid on your cravings! Find out more and download the app at www.stopmycraving.com


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