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Rockstar Profile: David Wang

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David Wang – better know to some as Planetbeing – is a prominent hacker in the tech community famed for leading hacking groups Evad3rs and iPhone Dev Team. He is a developer of Signal, BootNeuter, iBooks Fox and founder of Linux for iPhone.

Wang’s Evad3rs collective released the first jailbreak programme that was effective on the iPhone 5 as well as the iPad 4, iPad mini and the most up-to-date versions of every other iOS device. It allowed users to remove all of Apple’s installation restrictions on their device in a matter of minutes. This was the largest jailbreak in history – it was used on 18 million iPhones and iPads before Apple could fix those bugs six weeks later.

The iPhone Dev Team is a community of engineers who have developed several tools to enable use of applications not authorised by Apple on Apple devices. These applications provide owners with the ability to sidestep the limitations placed on the devices by the manufacturer, allowing deep customisation.

In 2013 Wang won a Pwnie (Oscars of the security industry) for the Best Privilege Escalation Bug. He had highlighted incomplete codesign which could bypass and exploit 5 vulnerabilities in Apple’s operating system. Apparently Wang was once offered a job by Apple, but at the moment he is focused on finishing his current projects.


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