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Google Reported To Be Planning In-House Startup Incubator

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Word on the streets of Silicon Valley is that Google are launching an inhouse startup incubator according to The Information.  The initiative reportedly named  “Area 120” will allow entrepreneurial employees of the tech giant work full-time to bring their startup ideas to fruition without the risk of going it alone.  Google has long harboured an entrepreneurial spirit within the workplace and pioneered the idea of intrapreneurship, allowing their employees dedicate 20% of their working hours to the development of  a project of interest to them through their Innovation Time Off  intrapreneurship programme.  The company recognises that when talent is given the space and freedom to flourish, both the employer and employee benefits.  Their intrapreneurship programme also encourages collaboration, creativity and a curiosity that allows employees to explore and share.

The new opportunity to move a 20% project to a full-time operation under Google’s support, will no doubt be welcome amongst the bright creative minds at Google and long-term, is likely to safeguard the loss of talent as employees run for the alluring lights of their startup far away on the horizon of their dreams. Their talent is precious. Ex-Google startup founders include Instagram founder Kevin Systrom and Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley. Google are effectively offering their staff the best of both worlds, the security of working for one of the most successful companies in the world alongside the space to float their ideas.  Of course, “Area 120” will only be open to employees who have presented their ideas as carefully thought out business pitches deemed viable by the gatekeepers that be.

With so many great services and products we take for granted stemming from Google’s intrapreneurial nursury, such as Gmail, Orkut, Google News and AdSense, we are excited to see what ideas and businesses unfold as they take it to the next level.



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