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UberCHOPPER, UberYACHT… What’s Next?

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Uber have already penetrated 415 cities worldwide, but now they have taken their transportation service to the next level. Last week Dubai residents were able to order UberYACHT, albeit only for one weekend. Customers were treated to a 4-hour open-bar cruise which included food, resident djs and views of the city’s iconic skyline. Normal Ubers also picked up guests to take them to and from the party. Basically Uber have turned their service on its head – not only are they taking users to and from the party, but they are also providing the party now. While it was just a one-time event, it was hugely popular so expect similar events to be replicated soon.

This isn’t an entirely new move for the company though. Uber have already offered boat rides on luxury yachts across the Bosphorus in Istanbul and Biscayne Bay for Miami Art Week. Uber choppers have been available to get people to Coachella festival in California and to the F-1 Grand Prix in Dubai, and to just take in the views on New Delhi! These services are designed to give customers the same level of convenience, reliability and accessibility as the normal Uber taxi already does.

Uber’s overriding objective is to provide experiences at the push of a button but in a way that differentiates it from others in the market, such as Lyft. Therefore, they are planning to introduce Uber Trip Experiences which basically means other businesses will have opportunities to establish partnerships with Uber. These businesses will be able to reach passengers while they ride, making the rides more interesting and making better use of time spent travelling. Take a news organisation for example; they could know your journey is going to take 15 minutes and use that data to collate 15 minutes of news stories to listen to. A music company could create a fun playlist to listen to during the ride that has Friday weekend vibes.

We’re excited to see what what Uber will bring in the future – we’re positive it will be more than just getting from A to B.


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