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TUGLIFE2: Understanding Audiences Like Never Before

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Tuglife 2 kicked off earlier this week; a series of informative talks from 50+ speakers over 4 days. On Wednesday we went along to the pop up on Bethnal Green Road to learn about understanding people, not just data. Marketers today face a challenge of becoming smarter, getting under the skin of their audience and knowing them inside out, while avoiding the maze of regulation, data privacy, and of course crossing the line with consumers. They have access to virtually unlimited amount of data, but a good marketer will understand people, not just data.

Visual DNA’s Jim Hodgkins was up first with a hugely interesting talk on turning an explosion of customer data into personality profiling via visual personality tests. Digital advertising needs to improve user experience and understanding personality is key to optimisation. These psychological personality tests allow companies to get closer to customers with smart data and in turn they drive creative optimisation. Personalisation is key to capturing an audience’s attention – today a blanket strategy won’t cut it. Rather, it’s necessary to appeal directly to individual personalities using tailored messages.

Conrad Paulson introduced us to a real-world analytics tool for mobile. Huq provides alerts to app on what their users are doing at any given time, in the real world, so for example it could tell when a customer is in a store, in their workplace, on transport, or at home, giving the app a way to push custom content to users at specific times. Data is collected on users’ real-world brand and retail affinities. Why is this important? Well 93% of retail decisions are made in the physical world, yet 77% of advertising insight is derived from digital behaviour. Knowing how customers act and think in the real world is still key.

Google’s brand new Analytics 360 Suite was introduced to us by Stephanie Jarzemsky; a new way to extract deeper customer insights that will shape marketing and sales strategies. On average a person will look at their phone 150 times a day so we are living in a world of micro moments, so to reiterate attention needs to be captured in a matter of seconds. The 360 Suite will take understanding users and journeys to the next level. It will collect insights – not just more data – and will ultimately provide users with a better experience.

STREETBEES founder Tugce Bulut  had a clever solution for carrying out market research in the hard-to-reach segments. With their method you can have eyes and ears on the ground all over the world, and market research will no longer only come from those who are happy to answer surveys. Marketers’ questions or tasks will be broadcast to a global army of smartphone users who are in the right place at the right time to provide the info the company is after, and they will send the information back via their smartphones.

Check out what else has been happening here. We’re excited for next year already!


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