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Apple in India

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Apple have just unveiled their plans to open a new iOS app design and development accelerator in Bangalore (also known as Bengaluru), India. The motive of the initiative is to support engineering talent and accelerate growth throughout India’s iOS developer community, which is already one of the most entrepreneurial in the world. The role of the team will be to inspire and their share wisdom on best practices to help the developers hone their skills and transform the design, quality and performance of their apps.

The centre is due to open early 2017, and with more than 1 million people from Bangalore working in the tech field it makes sense for Apple to establish the accelerator here. 28% of India’s startups are based in Bangalore, making it the home of India’s tech scene. It is estimated there will be 2000 new Indian startups every year, which will create up to 300,000 jobs in the industry.

As we know India’s smartphone market is currently showing signs of serious growth potential, and while Apple’s market share in the country still remains small, it is an ideal path to tap into India’s startup ecosystem and lay some groundwork for the future. As is stands Apple have only about 1% market share of India’s booming smartphone market, and as a premium brand Apple need to find a way to overcome competing in a market where consumers have far less cash than other markets.

In saying that, India has overtaken China as the fastest growing global economy, and unlike China the economy is fundamentally driven by the emerging middle class consumers. India’s middle class is expected to grow from 50 million people to 200 million by 2020, and to an astounding 475 million by 2030. So in theory it could be the perfect time for Apple to establish itself and build relationships and trust among the tech community.


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