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Top 5: Coworking Spaces Dubai

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If you’re in Dubai and looking for somewhere to set up a desk for a few hours to create and collaborate, we’ve sussed out the hottest spots for you. The good news is they won’t break the bank, you’ll be in a relaxed environment, and not all of them are indoors!


  1. Shelter

The perfect spot for creatives because as well as flexible workspaces, there is a cinema/auditorium, a library with over 1000 books on cultural and creative topics, a shop selling design related things, a brasserie and a garden for those important work breaks.




2. The Cribb

A space where people with ideas come together to connect, collaborate and create. The best part? You can work here for free. Grab a desk, a Nespresso and make the most of the community and public events.





An extension of MAKE Business Hub, MAKE Art Cafe is the first coworking cafe in UAE. Tucked in the cultural Al Serkal Heritage House of Bastakia, it has a calm and creative atmosphere. Work will never feel like a chore here.





4. The Co-Working Cafe

Possibly the coolest co-working space you’ll find in Dubai. Centrally located, comfy chairs and delicious food from Burger Rebel. Ideal place to work, network and learn if you’re looking for a laidback vibe.


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.44.50


5.The Beach at JBR

If you fancy working from the beach that is completely possible in Dubai. Head to rhe Beach at JBR where you’ll find free wifi and comfortable wooden lounge chairs as well as many outdoor cafes.


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.44.40


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