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Android Studio 2.2 – what to expect?

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Android Studio 2.2 was previewed at Google I/O 2016 last week.  The event, which was held in Mountain View California, this year, is one of the biggest on the Android calendar and brings together 1000s of developers from around the world who are eager to learn, connect and grasp the newest trends in the Android sphere.

Android announced some key improvements in their Android Studio development platform that include a Layout Editor that allows you drop widgets directly onto the design surface of the tree view of your app, alongside a Constraint Layout feature which allows you to create dynamic interfaces without creating multiple layouts, while the Layout Inspector will be able to iron out any bugs with ease.  Altogether, Android Studio’s 2.2 version promises a more streamlined experience than the recently launched 2.1. The updated version may currently be downloaded from Android’s Canary page here.

Stephanie Cuthbertson, the GPM for Android Studio, who presented Android Studio’s new features on stage at the Google I/O keynote event, also revealed that 94% of the top 125 apps and games in Google Play now use Android Studio, which is a pretty impressive statistic.

Watch the full presentation:


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