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App of the Week: Auxy

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Auxy is the app that is empowering people of all levels, all over the world to break the boundaries of music. So whether you’re a techno whizz or you’re just keen to dabble in music, Auxy is providing the tools so you can become a genius producer. Traditionally most music software has meant overly complicated production which has limited creating digital music to people with a deep technical knowledge, but Auxy is succeeding in opening electronic music making to a wide audience.




In a nutshell Auxy is a loop-based song-builder with a smart and simple design that makes creating a song straightforward. Users can apply effects, save loops and record performances for sharing with other apps and finished tracks can be uploaded and shared or exported as audio or MIDI for use in other software. What sets it apart from other music making apps is the simplicity and the minimalistic interface, which make it easy to learn and ideal for beginners.

The app is now available on iPhone as well as iPad, and despite the smaller screen the usability has actually increased. The developers actually rebuilt the app from the ground up for iOS. They integrated state-of-the-art signal processing from Sonic Charge and FXpansion, which are two of the leaders in digital audio effects as well as a new synthesise engine and a master chain for FX.

Auxy have overcome the challenge of designing an interface where it’s possible to produce real music on a small touchscreen. Writing and tweaking a track in real-time is no longer an experience that is only possible with a full-blown studio and expensive equipment. The phone is becoming our primary computing device and it’s our phones we have when we have unpredicted downtime – when we’re queueing or travelling for example – so Auxy have created the perfect solution to get creative anytime, anywhere.

There was a time when people said it wouldn’t be possible to make real music with computers, yet today most tracks are produced with a laptop. So give it a go if you haven’t already – you could be great.


Try it today and see how your track turns out! Find out more and download the app at auxy.co


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