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Plot like a Lannister with the Game of Thrones Spoiler App

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A new startup has launched just in time for the much anticipated Game of Thrones finale which aired last week. Like Ramsay Bolton, the new startup intends to ruin the lives of the programmes most devoted fans. For $0.99 Spoiled will anonymously send spoilers to the victim’s mobile number after the show has aired in the US every week.


Inspired by a story on Reddit of a man who received weekly spoilers from his ex girlfriend who he had cheated on. Spoiled allows you to plot like a Lannister without all the effort. So whether it was the resurrection of John Snow or the death of Hodor, you can now sit back and enjoy the reactions across Twitter with Spoiled posting the best ones, our favourite being ‘All man must die – but you especially now’.

So if like Cersei you believe revenge is best served cold, make sure to sign up before the next season airs. And although Game of Thrones may be over, Spoiled is already looking to other shows to spoil, decided by popular vote so what will it be House of Cards or Mr Robot?



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