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Startup Watch: Homee

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Tired of being surrounded by IKEA furniture in your apartment, and every other apartment you visit? You’re not alone. With more IKEA catalogues being printed and distributed than the bible each year, many, many of us are live our lives surrounded by IKEA furniture. So maybe it’s time to spruce up your living space, and maybe this time you should employ the help of an expert interior designer. I can guarantee the cost isn’t what you’re expecting either. In fact Homee’s virtual interior design app is completely free to use.

Homee app users kick of their revamp with a bot, answering a detailed survey to give an insight into their interior design preferences. Now, if even if you don’t know what your preferences are, this will help give your expert an indication anyway. You’ll then be matched with a real-life personal design guru and together you’ll collaborate on a concept board (think Pinterest). This can be continuously revised or started over at any time until you feel you’ve got just the right vibe.

The startup have ambitious aims to be able to deliver a first iteration of design renderings within just 24 hours. Designers will then hand-curate a selection of furniture based on budget, taste and space and users are free to purchase an entire room design or opt for a single piece of furniture. Homee’s revenue model means the app is completely free for users up until they decide to buy furniture, and Homee will makes profit by taking a cut of the sale.

Homee have received a strong $7.14m in funding so far, the most recent round bringing in $5m from Founders Fund and the CEO of Tinder. Future wise, they’re planning to have a hand in every aspect of the interior design and decorating process; from design to implementation, and same day delivery of furniture.

Although Homee might not provide the same high quality personal service as a traditional interior designer, it’s certainly providing an economical option for a huge segment of homeowners and renters who otherwise wouldn’t ever consider such a service. The company is also in very early stages so the quality of results will only get better from here.

The Homee app is only available in the US and for iOS right now, but it won’t be long before it’s available across the pond too. You can find out more here.


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