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The pull of Berlin following Brexit

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Work around the Silicon roundabout? Then you may have seen this audacious looking van making its way around London today.

The van displaying a large colourful billboard read ‘Dear startups, Keep calm and move to Berlin’, an attempt by the Free Democratic Party of Germany to attract startups to make the move to Berlin in the wake of Brexit.


London has long been heralded the startup capital of Europe but in recent years it has faced fierce competition from Berlin. With its vibrant tech startup scene Berlin is fast catching up and with a startup being founded every 20 minutes it is clear why in the wake of Brexit it wants to nab the sectors finest for itself.


Berlin based website jobspotting.com recently reported that hundreds of thousands of UK users flooded its website in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, receiving four times more visits from the UK than it did the previous month. And it isn’t just job security or access to the single market that could lure young techs startups to Berlin. It’s unrivalled reputation for creativity and entrepreneurial atmosphere make it an attractive hub for any startups who want to follow in the successful footsteps of startups such as Zalando and SoundCloud.


Whilst many experts are still adamant that the Berlin market is not yet mature enough to truly replace London, they are ready to take advantage of the situation. Senator Yzer is welcoming you Britons with open arms, hoping to tempt talent with the promise that Berlin is a place where their dreams can come true.
However, London has built its advanced financial and tech ecosystem over time, and there are certain aspects that make London London. Will that be easy to replicate?


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