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Suiteness: The Startup With the Keys to VVIP Hotel Rooms

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The digitalisation of the travel industry has given us choice, and as a result travellers require increasingly personalised service. In particular Airbnb has established an ease of booking which shook up the hotel industry. Over 60% of Airbnb listings are now entire houses with multiple bedrooms and listings have professional photos and tonnes of details about the property so guests know exactly what they are getting. Having the option to book multiple rooms or suites for groups (which are effectively hotel rooms with a separate living area) is something hotels have been lacking. However, Suiteness – an Oakland based startup – have stepped in to change this. They’re working with hotels to list their suites, making them available for instant book or booked via a direct request to the hotel.


Suiteness is giving everyone access to exclusive luxury suites which is come with unforgettable experiences, end-to-end service at the most reasonable prices. This might mean private entrances, personal butlers or private pools are included! A luxury suite that accommodates 10 guests could be the same price as a 5 bedroom house on Airbnb, and the majority of the time sharing a luxury suite will work out cheaper than booking separate rooms. Hence suites can be a practical choice for families or groups. Suiteness also work closely with hotels to list the suites, emphasising all the finer details of the rooms with lots of photos to ensure transparency.

The way hotels operate presently means suites are only occupied about 20-30% of the time, whereas normal rooms have around 60-80%. The creme de la creme of suites aren’t ever even listed or available to book online, so not only are most customers unaware of all options, there’s definitely no transparent or comparative pricing for the suites. Suiteness tracks 4,800 suites in las Vegas and these represent less than 13% of the hotels’ inventory, yet they generate roughly the same amount of revenue as all the other rooms combined. So obviously there is an obscene amount of potential revenue that’s not being capitalised on.

On the hotel side the platform is collecting data that will help hotels understand what demand for suites is really like, and this is revolutionary. There is a growing demand for suites and luxury travel and hotels are investing millions on renovating and adding suites which will bring in a new type of business. Maximising suite usage also further increases revenue as suite buyers tend to be big spenders and will consume more champagne and so on.

The Suiteness platform is filling a demand for something that is a cross between a hotel and a private home. Browsing these never before seen suites is an experience in itself and it’s opening a new wave of accommodation for travelers. Currently the company is operating in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London and shortly San Francisco – make sure to check it out on your next trip; you might be surprised at what you can find.


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Find out more and book at suiteness.com


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