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New Startup to watch: OneFineStay

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In a previous article we touched on the UK’s booming sharing economy, and this week we’ve got another startup making a name for itself in the sharing sector.

onefinestay is a London based startup, founded in 2009, it currently operates in some of the major cities across the world including London, Paris, New York and LA. What has been coined the ‘upmarket airbnb’, onefinestay offers temporary travel accommodation in vacant luxury serviced houses. Guests are able to stay in luxury properties across the globe, whilst being treated to a range of hotel-like benefits, such as welcome on arrival, a 24 hour team on call, a smartphone filled with useful local information and a luxury welcome pack.


onefinestay only selects the finest homes for its guests and for every homeowner who tries to let out their property with them, only one in ten will make the cut. The website currently boasts over 2,600 luxury properties with an estimated value of £4 billion.

In difference to airbnb and other sharing rental sites, onefinestay does not place the emphasis on value, rather on the luxury guests can experience when staying in a new location. The company prides itself on each guesthouse being individual, and as such can curate each location to best suit its guests needs. Defining its services as handmade hospitality, onefinestay covers everything from experts helping to find your perfect place to stay, to each home being meticulously managed and prepared in anticipation of your arrival.


Since its start up in 2009, the company has raised $80 million in investment, and this year that is set to rise, as it has recently been acquired by France’s AccorHotels. AcccorHotels who manage some of the largest budget and luxury hotel brands globally, have committed to investing additional revenue into onefinestay, to scale up to include over 40 new cities during the next five years.

So if you have yet to book a summer holiday and instead find yourself dreaming of a city break or a long weekend, make onefinestay your first port of call, for who doesn’t deserve a little bit of luxury.


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