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Life at JustPark

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Leading the disruption of a $50 billion global market is London based startup JustPark. Founded back in 2006 they’ve developed an idea and an app that allows people and places to rent out car parking spaces in their driveways, property or businesses. Basically it is the Airbnb of parking and with over 1 million users worldwide it is the UK’s largest homegrown sharing economy startup.

Their mission is to make parking as stress-free as possible and to make cities more functional, primarily by putting an end to drivers having to do dreaded circles around streets to find a space. As it stands, the average driver wastes as many as 106 days of their life searching for a parking space. On top of this circling for parking is responsible for 30% of traffic on urban roads.

JustPark now have over 200,000 spaces across 1,000 cities. Users living around sought after parking hotspots – for example around airports, stadiums or city centres – are making more than £3,000 a year in some cases. A church in Islington, London has earned over £180,000 to date, so many people are enjoying a nice bonus from an asset they didn’t realise they had. It’s a good deal for the drivers too. On average spaces are 70% cheaper than traditional pay and display, and of course they benefit from the convenience of finding and reserving an affordable parking space.

Drivers book and pay through an app and are then directed to the destination of the space either through their phone or via their car’s navigation system thanks to an in-car collaboration with BMW where drivers can manage the entire parking process directly from their dashboard.

With more than 60 million connected cars expected to be on the road in the next 5 years it seems like JustPark are ahead of the curve and they have the funding to prove it. They succeeded in raising a record breaking £3.7 million in equity crowdfunding and have received investment from the likes of BMW. The sharing economy hype isn’t going away either and is expected to be worth up to £9 billion per year by 2025.

So a previously non-innovative industry has suddenly become an exciting prospect and JustPark are ready to take their product to the next level and are growing the tech team to do so.

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