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Feeling music through technology

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With summer in full swing, attention turns to festivals and the songs of the summer transporting us to the beaches of Ibiza.  Music plays such an important part of our lives, reigniting all our senses, taking us back to a specific moment in time.

Music surrounds us on a daily basis, not only the music that we choose to listen to through headphones or the radio but through sounds all around us. Like colour, music has a decisive influence. Carefully considered by shops and restaurants music can affect what we buy, eat and how long we stay in a place. Music can also play an integral role in human well being and scientists have long been advocating the link, utilising music across a range of treatments.

But for some music cannot provide the same sensation but Kick Starter campaign SubPac’s is changing all that, for a number of deaf and hearing impaired people. The SubPac can be used to experience music in a whole new way adding a new physical dimension to the musical experience.

The SubPac, a high tech vest provides an immersive full body experience allowing the wearer to feel rather than hear, low frequencies in music through the back. Using a series of tactile transducers, which translate the music into physically felt vibrations. The SubPac provides a new physical dimension to music, all with a simple Bluetooth plug in into a phone or laptop.

Last year saw deaf dance teacher Chris Fonseca front Smirnoff’s ad campaign teaching fellow dancers other ways to enjoy music beyond hearing it. And next Friday he will be hosting a series of dance classes in Elephant and Castle giving a taste for those with hearing difficulties the chance to experience music. See link. 

SubPac is also making waves in the virtual reality and gaming fields and has been integrated into several movie-based VR experiences. Allowing users a unique visceral experience that provides a completely immersive and emotional experience. This is just the first step in using sound to create new and exciting immersive experiences across a host of platforms.


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