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Dubai’s Demand for Data

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The hype around data scientists doesn’t seem to be fading. Rather the demand for technologists in this career sector is continuing to rise – data science is increasingly being adopted by all companies in all industries around the world.

The role of a data scientists is to mine enormous volumes of data, pull out key insights and translate this into strategies accordingly. The data that is collected on a daily basis is used to develop a competitive edge and ultimately provide a better consumer experience in one way or another. Looking at some of the world’s most successful companies it’s the result of data science that has lead to building personal relationships between brand and consumer – for example personal shopping recommendations on eBay and Amazon, personalised entertainment suggestions on Netflix and Spotify, and tailored content and ads on Facebook and Twitter all came from data science.

A talented data scientist will have a complex set of skills, often covering a combination of computer science, statistics, operations, research, engineering, business insights and strategy. Putting together a successful data science team requires a careful blend of people with different skills, expertise and experiences. Since data science itself is an emerging discipline itself, our experience in building out data science teams has highlighted time and time again that experience and skills matter more than a formal data science education.

Of course this all equates to a very specific profile, and the low supply and high demand of data scientists means big money. In the US the median salary of a junior level data scientists is $91,000, but those managing a team of 10 or more data scientists earn a base salary of over $250,000.

There’s been a spike of data scientist roles throughout the Middle East in particular as more and more companies start to realise the value data holds. Already this year there have been 8,000 new companies set up in Dubai, most of which are small to medium in size. At present we’re working with some of the country’s most prosperous businesses across various industries to bring top data scientists into their teams. From classifieds to real estate they need data scientists to improve and optimise their customer experience and deliver key insights that will drive changes across their respective organisations.


If you are interested in a data science role in Dubai take a look here, and if you would like any more information on any of the roles or about expanding your data science team please contact Alex: Alex@global-m.co.uk


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