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If you haven’t yet found yourself wandering around on you’re lunch break glued to your smartphone searching for a rare Pokémon then what have you been doing?

Pokémon Go has become an overnight global phenomenon, the most downloaded mobile game in US history it has an average of more than 21 million active daily users.


Like all new crazes people have been quick to find innovative ways to profit from its success. Within days of its launch people were offering their services as Pokémon Go walkers, people who will monitor your account and walk around for you waiting for eggs to hatch or to go in search of new Pokémon. If you still want to be in the action but want more comfort, how about guided car rides with people promising insider knowledge and trips to Pokéstops and gyms.

But if even that is too much effort you can buy a Pokémon account, which is already placed at a higher level, on ebay accounts for levels 19,20 and 21 are being listed for as much as $600.


And its not just individuals reaping the rewards of Pokémon Go, businesses have been quick to seize the opportunity and are beginning to profit from what is being coined ‘Pokémonomics’. In the UK, a number of pubs and restaurants are tapping into the craze by paying to become destinations in the game, tempting customers through the door. A burger restaurant in London has seen its revenues rise by 26% after buying lures, which fill the restaurant with Pokémon characters for players to catch.

The mobile phone company T-Mobile has also just announced that it will be offering its customers unlimited data for a whole year on the Pokémon Go app.

So if you haven’t already it might be worth having a rummage in your attic for forgotten Pokémon folders, for Pokémon cards have seen a surge in value with many now worth thousands of pounds. At the beginning of the month the Pikachu Illustrator card sold for over £75,000. There has also been a 45% increase in the sale of Pokémon related items on eBay, with a related product selling every 12 seconds.


Unfortunately though all is not well for Nintendo, who though initially saw shares skyrocket after Pokémon Go’s initial release, has now seen its share prices drastically fall yesterday. With stock dropping 17% at one point amounting to about $6.4 billion in value. It came after investors realised that Nintendo doesn’t actually make the game, instead it is a collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Niantic Labs.

However, there is little doubt that this will have an impact on the global hype surrounding the game. Players will be pleased to hear that Niantic is working on new features for the game including customizable Pokéstops, which could help you attract a certain type of Pokémon. New Pokémon have also been confirmed to incorporate later generation characters and Niantic is also generating ideas about adding the ability to breed Pokémon too.


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