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Berlin’s Draw for Londoners

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Berlin has an unrivalled reputation for creativity and it has one of the most diverse talent pools in Europe. There is a real ‘anything is possible’ attitude in the city which is evident in everything from the thriving tech scene to the intense party scene. Despite its ever-rising status as a tech hub, Berlin has be able to maintain its cheap rent, cool vibe and open attitude, making it an attractive hub for any creative business, entrepreneur or technologist. It’s therefore no wonder – even more so following the Brexit decision – that Berlin proves to be a magnet for Londoners ready to leave the city.

One of Berlin’s biggest draws is the international community. There’s a large pool of young talent from around the world who have been drawn in by the the city’s lifestyle, endless supply of cafes and nightlife and cultural institutions. This community have succeeded in building a world renowned reputation as a hub for all kinds of creative ventures; from fashion and software to film and TV. Where life in London becomes a constant cycle of work, bars, sleep, repeat, Londoners in Berlin find time passes slower and people can start doing the things they want to do, for all the right reasons.


Across Germany the startup sector expects to create 50,000 jobs countrywide over the next year, with a high percentage of these located in Berlin. In Berlin an estimated 100,000 jobs are set to be generated by locally based startups. The established startups in the city have started to grow up and are knuckling down for business. Entrepreneurs are taking a more serious outlook and are seeking to build something significant, something financially focused. A professional vibe is growing as bigger global companies move in and a lot great talent is being spun out of the first wave of startups.

Post Brexit Berlin’s senate has written to hundreds of businesses headquartered in London in an attempt to persuade them to switch their operations to Germany. They want to ensure that British startups and international talent feel welcome in Berlin. Similarly Frankfurt have made clear their arms and doors are open, stepping up efforts to promote itself as a more affordable and creative alternative to other cities.

We’re working with a leading operator of digital marketplaces – specifically in the real estate and automotive sectors – that’s looking for technologists to join their team based in Berlin. Currently they operate across Germany and other selected European countries. On top of the marketplace they are providing consumers with a digital guide covering all real estate / automotive related queries and decision making factors. Their goal is to make markets more transparent and efficient while at the same time making searching and finding simple, efficient and stress-free for both sides.

The company has flat hierarchies, short decision making paths and a completely agile development cycle which equates to a creative and innovative work environment. Despite being a successful multinational there’s still a startup feel – teams remain tight-knit and have close communication with management. They support a culture of innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit through constant learning, challenging projects and opportunities to grow. Your overarching mission will be to drive innovation in the real estate and automotive marketplaces. If this sounds of interest please contact Henry (Henry@global-m.co.uk) for more information.

If you are interested in roles in Berlin take a look here.


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