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Boston, hot on the heels of Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley has long been the world leader of cutting edge tech startups, and has been the reference point to other tech hubs such as the Silicon Roundabout here in London. With global figurehead companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook based there its reputation precedes it.

But in recent years other tech hubs in cities across the world and in the US particularly, have sprung up fast, quick on the its tail to generate new startups in innovative and creative ways. Over the next two weeks we will be focusing on Boston and its thriving web and mobile startup hub.


Home to MIT and Harvard, tech runs through the heart of Boston and so much so, that even the US Pentagon recently announced that it would be launching a new tech hub in the city, with the intention of tapping into the highly skilled and innovative concentration of talent in the area.

On July 26th Defense Secretary Ash Carter opened the new Boston based office, designed to connect the US military with emerging technologists, who could eventually become suppliers to the US Department of Defense. The Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) office is only the second one in the country, the other being in Silicon Valley.

The Pentagon aims to let emerging tech companies pitch innovations to the Department of Defense, ensuring the US remains at the forefront of cutting edge new military technologies.  The DIUx will consist of three teams, one which will identify new commercial technologies that could be implemented in war, a second to source early stage technologies and a third which will connect technologists to military personnel.

The strategic placement of the department in Boston ensures access to a vast number of leading and innovative technologists and technologies, whilst the city’s concentration of biotechnology firms makes it especially attractive. Biodefense and biotechnologies are of particular pertinence to the Department of Defense, as they attempt to accelerate the technologies used in warfare.


Technology is critical to addressing the strategic challenges the US government and the Department of Defense faces. The move signals both the significance of the tech industry in Boston and the general shift in thinking beyond the traditional Silicon Valley. 

“The tech scene in Boston is thriving as the increasing wave of mobile and SaaS established firms continue to bring large amounts of tech to the city. It is a really exciting time both for startups and those working in the industry, as well as being one of the most exciting and creative cities to live and work” Luke Cervino, Head of Projects – Talent Acquisition US Consultant at Global {M}



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