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The Draw of Boston

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What do Trip Advisor, Wayfair and HubSpot all have in common? They all originated out of tech hub Boston.
Home to a thriving web and mobile startup ecosystem, Boston is a formidable contender in the startup race. Frequently ranking in the top five cities for tech, Boston draws on its vast talent pool of highly skilled graduates from Harvard and MIT to keep Boston at the top of its game for innovation and startup. In the last five years, Boston awarded 17,000 technology related degrees more than any other top market.


And it’s not just the prestigious universities that entice the best tech talent, Boston’s known for its reasonable rent and competitive salaries. Along with an incredibly supportive startup ecosystem, providing in-depth training and funding, it’s no surprise that Boston ranks fourth worldwide for startup output.

The density of talent makes Boston a tech powerhouse, and it’s why major companies such as General Electric have recently announced plans to move its headquarters from Connecticut to Boston. And plenty of other companies in software and biotech have followed suit, to join a host of already established marketing tech companies already situated there.


Whilst the technology industry as a whole lags behind in gender equality in the workforce, Boston was recently ranked the second best city in the world for female founders, with 29% of founders in the city being female. And it’s not just females that have felt overlooked, the tech industry is notoriously ageist. But the tech culture in Boston is taking a stand, with a growing number of tech companies placing an emphasis on hiring across a broader spectrum of ages calling this the ‘multi-generational workforce’.

Furthermore, Boston’s thriving tech scene goes beyond the office, each week there is an abundance of networking events, talks and conferences going on across the city. And this month is no exception with the BostonFest, Boston Data Festival and even the Forbes Under 30 Summit taking place in the city. Boston has securely placed itself as an exciting tech city hub, with a cool and creative tech scene hiring the most dynamic and talented people!


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