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Instagram just announced the introduction of Stories

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With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram is a formidable force and with the recent announcement of Instagram stories, the photo sharing app is set to even further dominate social media.


The introduction of Instagram stories allows users photos to come to life, moving from a feed based structure to an interactive story one.

The new feature is meant to overcome the worry of over posting, many use Instagram as a carefully curated photo sharing platform, only sharing highly filtered, edited images of food, sunsets and preened pets. Stories thus allows for more original, unedited sharing of content with the videos self destructing after 24 hours.

Similar to Snapchat, Instagram stories will also allow users to annotate their stories with text, emoji’s and drawings. It is also the first time that Instagram will let you choose your selected audience, allowing users to handpick who they share their posts with.

The development comes just after the announcement of Instagram’s own dedicated video channel, which collects videos from across Instagram feeds and collates them into one seamless viewing experience.

With the total time people spent watching videos on Instagram increasing by 150% in the last six months, and with 95 million photos and videos posted each day, the integration of stories is surely only going to see Instagram’s reach widen.


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