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Boston: A Strategic Move

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It’s an obvious and yet quiet truth: the Boston area offers an attractive market and city for out-of-town tech companies to expand into. This continues to happen for any number of reasons, including recruiting purposes. In a recent report by tech behemoth Dell, based off information collected by the 2015 Strategic Innovation Summit, Boston area D.C.-area is the 4th most “future ready” economy in the U.S due in part to it’s impressive  human capital grades, particularly in learning which boosted it to the fourth overall spot and it is for this reason that Global {M} is focusing so heavily on breaking into the market.


“Boston, for us, is one of the most important strategic cities for us to do business in due to the high quality of it’s local talent pool and its attractiveness as a city to the global talent market. We deal with clients in all corners of the globe and with many different types of businesses across the technology sector and rarely do we come across a more perfect environment for technology companies at the bleeding edge of innovation to flourish”

– Alex Hemsley, Director Global {M}

Boston Tech?

Whether it’s Kayak, Jana, Acquia, or some other high flying tech brand rocketing towards unicorn status, the Boston area has been repeatedly prioritised by numerous high profile companies and startups alike in their expansion efforts as well as housing a number of homegrown tech giants. And as such, the real question has become why this is happening. We have come up with three main reasons as to why we believe that Boston is such an attractive location.

Firstly, Boston has a young and well paid demographic, it has for some time now been at the epicenter of the creative movement in America. This coupled with the phenomenal education level, boasting several of the top universities in the world, most notably Harvard and MIT, has lead to an impassioned, creative, well funded young population with the drive, ambition, and belief to go out and change the technology landscape.

Boston is also a fantastic place for women in the workplace, recently the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking named Boston the second best city in the world for female founders. Twenty-nine percent of founders in the city are female.

“One reason for Boston being selected by us as a key strategic location by is the fact that so many women are holding prominent positions within the technology ecosystem. Thus placing Boston at the forefront of this important movement towards gender equality in the workplace”

– Alex Hemsley, Director Global{M}

And finally there is a track record of successful businesses that will go on to inspire the next generation of businesses, and will continue to promote the growth of existing businesses within the area. It is this track record that forced the emergence of some of the world’s most successful angel and VC funds in the business. With companies such as TripAdvisor, WayFair and HubSpot leading the way, achieving to date over $2 billion in market value. The Boston ecosystem has proved itself robust and as of December 2015, there were 53 tech startups that had raised at least $25 million in capital, Boston’s tech industry is formidable and shows no sign of slowing down.


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