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Startup to watch: journi

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This week our startup to watch comes from emerging tech city Vienna. Rapidly becoming a hotpot for startups and entrepreneurs, Vienna is fast becoming the perfect startup hub to form and grow.

With many of the right attributes to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, Vienna is quickly making a name for itself on the tech scene. Home to a number of cool startups, this week we have chosen to look at travel blogging startup journi.


journi is the easiest way to make your travel experiences unforgettable, with your own personal travel blog you will never forget where you’ve been, and you can even keep track of where your friends have travelled.

The mobile app and website make travel blogging easy and hassle free, with a simple, easy to use design journi allows you to create your own travel blog. Simply take photos and jot down notes while you enjoy the delights of travelling around, and journi will automatically create the story, adding in little extras like maps and country stamps. journi also allows you to keep your friends and family automatically updated on what you’ve been up to, allowing them to follow your ‘journi’ in real time via the app and email.

journi has also just announced that it has raised €400,000 in seed funding, which it will put towards further developing the app, with exciting developments to come, including plans to localise in at least 20 additional languages. This year will also see the introduction of a premium based subscription service, which will include the option of unlimited journi’s and the ability for higher resolution image uploads.

Featured as the best new app and best travel app on the app store, and even named the best travel app by Condé Nast, journi already has a loyal following. And the best news is that not only can you use the app offline, it’s also free. So if you’ve got a last minute holiday booked make sure you’ve installed journi before you jet off.


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