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Europe’s First Coworking Hotel

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Not only is Vienna an up and coming startup hub, but it also home to Europe’s first coworking hotel, Hotel Schani Wien. Opened in April 2015 the hotel is geared towards digital nomads and is built around the five key principles of coworking: openness, accessibility, community, sustainability and collaboration.


A relatively new way of working, coworking spaces are in high demand as they provide a solution for new work demands. The lines between working, socialising and down time are becoming increasingly blurred and coworking can be a middle ground for these digital nomads.

At Schani people are free to work, meet, collaborate, relax and sleep. All the essential office infrastructure you’d expect is provided and there are also private spaces available for meetings or conferences. They’ve created a ‘coworking marketplace’ which is a platform where you can register and meet the rest of the community, whether they are native Viennese locals or other visitors passing through the city.

Although ultra modern Schani is actually inspired by traditional Viennese cafe culture. Coffee houses are an important part of the city’s social experience and are coined Vienna’s public living rooms because customers are welcome to buy just one hot drink and can spend the day relaxing, meeting with friends or making new ones.

As well as the coworking aspect, Schani is also a smart hotel so everything has been designed for the modern, international traveller. On the website you can choose the actual room you’ll be staying in (like choosing seat on plane), so you can choose whether you’d prefer a street or garden view, they type of bed you’d like and if you want to be close to the elevators, which allows for a whole new level of customising guests stays. There’s also in-app check-in and keyless doors – appealing for time conscious travellers.

Schani Hotel is bringing to light the future of hotels. They’ve identified a new type of need business travellers have and created an innovative solution. In the not too far future their guests will be able to choose the different amenities they want delivered to their room pre-arrival or during stay, and that’s just the beginning!


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