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A Day in the Life with Adrien Nussenbaum from Mirakl

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This week we are really excited to be joined by Adrien Nussenbaum from French startup Mirakl, the global leader in ecommerce marketplace platforms. Mirakl has offices in Paris, London, Munich and Boston, assisting customers across 4 continents, this is definitely one startup to watch.


  1. First can you tell us a bit about your job? What does your company do?

I’m the co-founder of Mirakl, the global leader in Marketplace platforms. Mirakl provides a SaaS solution and the expertise to enable online retailers, brands and manufacturers to grow sales and profits by hosting their own online marketplace. I run sales globally and oversee strategy with my co-founder Philippe Corrot.


  1. What brought you to this area?

I have been an entrepreneur for the last 15 years and had the opportunity to create companies in the retail and e-commerce space. After a successful exit with the sale of my previous venture to a major retailer, my partner and I sensed that the distribution and retail industry was moving more and more towards platforms/marketplace models and decided to create a technology to power this revolution.


  1. What time does your day start, and what does your typical work day schedule look like?

I usually wake up at 6am, try to do stretching and soft gym for 20 minutes, quickly check emails and then wake up my 2 daughters. We have breakfast together with my wife and I drop them at the bus stop at 7:20am. I then walk or bike to the office and get there around 7:30am. My days are very diversified as they include sales meeting, visiting prospects, interviewing candidates, discussing strategic questions with my partner. There is never a standard day.


  1. What kind of projects are you currently working on?

My current priority is growing and structuring our sales team and sales process. As such, I work with Sales and Marketing to develop a draft of new initiatives meant at improving our reaching out to prospects, customers, and potential new hires. You can expect to hear more about them in the next few months.


  1. What do you consider the greatest achievement in your work to date?

Having been able to grow in less 5 years a company trusted by more than 120 employees and 100 customers in 20 countries. It’s all about trust!


  1. What is the one app you could not live without?

If need be I could live without any app…or Uber maybe.


  1. What’s the best thing about working at your company?

Two things come to mind. The first is the business we’re in: Marketplaces are the third wave of the Internet revolution, and Mirakl is at the forefront of that trend. It’s exciting to know that Mirakl is helping to fashion new retail trends.

Second is the culture and the people: we have strong values and Mirakl, and only hire people who share them. It makes for a very diverse, fulfilling workplace.


  1. Where is the after work hangout?

Teams like to get together in bars around the office. Our new headquarters will have a rooftop deck and outdoor patio so we expect to see a lot of great things taking place there.


  1. Who is your professional role model?

Entrepreneurs who manage to reconcile ambitions, family, values and staying zen!


  1. What makes Paris a good city for startups?

Paris has a very large, diverse, well-educated workforce, as well as great infrastructure and schools. The French government’s initiatives to attract and retain entrepreneurs is paying dividends, as the ecosystem finds its footing and grows, thanks to initiatives such as l’Ecole 42 and la Halle Freyssinet, the largest incubator in the world. French people are very smart too.


  1. What are the top 3 qualities you look for in an employee?

I look for potential rather than hard skills. I’m interested in hiring somebody whose job and skills can grow and adapt with the company. I also target personable, hardworking team players who share our values and ambition. In a startup every hire has an outsize influence on the whole. That is why I never compromise on hiring’s.


  1. And finally, what is the one piece of advice you would give to an entrepreneur starting out?

Play to your strengths, and surround yourself with with people who complement and challenge you, rather than like-minded profiles. Never give up!


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