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Life in Berlin: What You Need to Know

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It’s the city that has been referred to as ‘poor, but sexy’ and although Berlin’s edgiest days may be behind it, it has managed to maintain its cheap rents, cool vibe and an open attitude making it an attractive hub for creatives, artists and technologists alike. There’s a real ‘anything is possible’ attitude in the city which is evident in everything from the buzzing startup scene to the intense party scene.


There’s been a fierce competition between London and Berlin for the title of the startup capital of Europe for some time, but unlike London, Berlin has an unrivalled reputation for creativity and the startup scene is young, energetic and there is a lot of variety. This has attracted one of the most diverse talent pools in Europe and there is a thriving community of expats. In Berlin today a startup is founded close to every 20 minutes!

Berlin remains one of the cheapest capitals in Western Europe to live in. Rent, food and public transport are all very affordable meaning it’s easy to enjoy a good quality of life. Public transport connects every corner of the city, so no matter where you live getting around won’t be a problem. Best of all, the city’s geographical location in central Europe means it’s easy to jet off for the weekend to explore more of Europe with one of the budget airlines.

As a city Berlin is liberal and nonconformist, making it a haven for subcultures. From the arts scene to the graffiti to the strong music scene, freedom of expression is everywhere, and everyone is free to be themselves. Berlin is also of course famed for its world renowned, 24/7 nightlife. You can party in some of the most unique spaces whether it’s an abandoned industrial building or a real life labyrinth.

Living in Berlin will encourage you to let loose and enjoy life. This is a mindset the government have also taken on board with Germany’s employment ministry recently banning employers from contacting staff outside of working hours, except in emergencies, so work life balance here is real!

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