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Startup Watch: Heek

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French startup Heek have identified a recurring problem that arises in small and medium sized businesses. They suffer from a lack of time as well as a lack of knowledge when it comes to building their websites. On top of this agencies are pricey and involve a great deal of back and forth. So the solution? A chatbot that can build you a website.

Heek refer to themselves as the simplest site editor in the world and it really is as simple as chatting over text, answering a few sample questions about the type of business and personal tastes. After answering the questions, look through the generated suggestions and choose the options you like. An ultra-personalised site, made to your individual taste will take shape right before your eyes! The templates are customisable too so you can drag and drop various elements around the screen to edit the design and layout, but there is still no need for technical knowledge.


At just $30 per month, or $25 if you pay annually, the price is more than reasonable. This includes a site creation, a custom domain name, search engine optimisation and customer support. However, you don’t have to commit to a plan or even create an account to try the service for yourself. You can jump head first into your site creation and if you’re not 100% sure you can go ahead using the service for 14 days before making your mind up. After 14 days you will have to pay to keep the site alive.

Still at an early stage, Heek is a small team of 10 based in Paris, but they already have €700k investment from French fund OK invest. They’ve created a product which suits small business owners who don’t have funds for a professional designer or the technical ability to manage website creation by themselves. They’re aiming to provide the same level of service that an agency would, but at very affordable prices. The most exciting part is Heek is just out of beta testing so it will only get smarter and more intuitive over time.

Find out more and start your website here.


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