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Startup Watch: AudioTrip

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AudioTrip is the latest must have travel app, born in Poland out of the founders’ frustration of feeling like there was something missing when they travelled. They loved travel and were always tech geeks, but found that every time they tried to use smartphones to explore new places it was a disappointment. And so they decided they would have to do it on their own.


Today AudioTrip is helping travellers build amazing travel experiences by transforming smartphones in personal, local guides. This means you’re free to discover cities at your own pace, without being stuck with a tour guide, glued to a book, or constantly searching Google for facts.

So far the startup is working with over 50 institutions from museums, tourist attractions and zoos to cities and regions. They’ve also teamed up with BBC journalists, travel writers, storytellers and of course locals, so you know the guides will be good as well as informative. AudioTrip basically serves as a community based self-publishing platform where experts as well as amateurs are invited to share their stories and tips in the form of an audio guide.

The guides range in price from free to about €6. You can play a sample before downloading and quality is ranked by a 5 star system. The guides can be translated into any language and are also downloadable, which avoids any dreaded roaming charges. So AudioTrip has succeeded in building an affordable and accessible tool you can use wherever you might be travelling, and one that takes into account your independence and desire to explore freely.

The team at AudioTrip are specialised in creating apps that utilise GPS localisation, media recording and augmented reality based solutions. The app will enhance your exploring experience with interactive maps integrated with multimedia.

The AudioTrip audio guides and apps are giving the tourist industry a much needed tech injection. The possibilities for museums and tourist attractions to use apps and augmented reality to become more engaging are truly limitless. Tourists are seeking more adventurous travel than ever and want to explore areas outside the touristy spots, and what better way than to hear directly from a local? Try it on your next adventure, AudioTrip will open a whole new world of travel to you!


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