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Black Friday Kicks Off

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Friday 25th doesn’t just signal one month until Christmas, but also heralds a recent fixture in the US shopping calendar, which is also gaining momentum across the world, Black Friday.

While primarily an American notion, we cannot possibly forget the news footage of brawling shoppers forcing their way through supermarket aisles hoping to purchase discounted TV’s, and scenes of police officers having to be called out to numerous locations across the globe.

But this year internet giant Google has come up with a simple but ingenious feature which should help consumers navigate and avoid the “Black Friday swarms”.

The new search feature will allow consumers to see how busy the shops are in real time. A search for a shop will now along with a map and opening times, also deliver a status update to give shoppers an insight into how busy the shops are. The new live information will be based on data accumulated from Google app users who share their location data with the company.

So if it’s the newest HD TV you are after, or perhaps the Apple Watch, join the queue as Black Friday has officially started, with some sales even kicking off as early as Monday.


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