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What to do before a technical interview?

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Congratulations, you’ve reached the technical interview stage, you’ve beaten off all the other candidates so how do you now make sure you nail the technical interview? We’ve spoken to a number of CEO’s and industry experts to get the best tips to help you prepare.


Technical interviews give employers a chance to assess your problem solving skills, as well as analysing your knowledge on the technologies you could be working with. The technical test could include coding and programming challenges.


So here our top three tips to get you ahead of the game.

1)     Do your homework – this one is relevant for any kind of interview, but particularly for a technical interview where you will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge. Take some time to have a look online and see if you can find any of the company’s past technical questions, you’ll be surprised how many are featured either on the company website or on blogs.

2)     Reread the job description – Take time to reread the job description so you become familiar with the tech languages you are expected to work with and which tools and frameworks you will be using on a daily basis. Take the time to brush up on any that you feel less confident in.

3)    Talk up – Often in technical interviews employers want to know how you plan to reach your answer, giving them an insight into how you think and problem solve. Saying your plan out loud helps not only because its lays out the plan in your head but it also gives the employer an indication of what you plan to do, even if you end up running out of time.

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