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The Tech Trends to look out for in 2017

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2016 had a few surprises not least Brexit and Donald Trump. What remained steadfast was the continued development of innovative and exciting technologies across the globe. From the VR smash hit that was Pokemon Go, to the introduction of Live Streaming technology that captured in-the moment experiences that went onto become viral hits.

2017 is no less exciting, with driverless cars, drone deliveries and robot assistants just some of the innovations expected to take the world by storm. Our tech predictions for 2017 include the takeover of the Internet of Things, greater AI technology across the home and workplace and VR on a global scale.


We think that the Internet of Things will increasingly come to the forefront in 2017. Built on cloud computing for instantaneous connection, IoT will make everyday life more ‘smart’. Our go-to gadgets will progressively use connectivity to solve real problems, problems we didn’t even know needed fixing!

IoT with converge with growing AI technology to provide on demand assistance. We have already seen the introduction of Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant and this will continue to expand in 2017 as digital interface becomes more commonplace. AI will also form a greater relationship with machine learning to see a greater emergence of ‘smart’ products in our homes, work and even our cars, which will become much more sensory and reactive to our needs and wants.

Startups are in a prime position to take advantage of this new technology and carve out a winning position for themselves in the market using their flexibility to quickly respond to the demands of the consumers.


As IoT continues to develop in 2017, smart devices will start to communicate with each other, with drones and autonomous vehicles gathering momentum. Amazon has already made its first commercial drone delivery only a few weeks ago, and Walmart in the US are expecting to start trialling early this year. Tesla’s Elon Musk also just announced that by the end of 2017 he will have built a car that can drive from Los Angeles to New York without the need for a human driver.


2016 saw VR and AR technologies explode and 2017 will be no different. Pokemon Go was one of the biggest phenomena of the year bringing technology right into the heart of peoples living rooms. The entertainment and sports industries were also quick to utilize the technology bringing major events like Wimbledon and Rio Olympics into peoples homes.

We also predict that the future of social and professional communication and collaboration will become defined by AR and VR. The experience will feel like direct participation and immersion and it will become the normal way to be transported to another world, whether that be to interact with your team, friends and family or to escape to a whole new place all together.

Whilst we don’t know exactly what 2017 will bring, we do know that technology is going to continue to excite and divide opinion and we look forward to bringing you all the latest tech trends and news as they happen!


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