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Relocating to Barcelona, the top tech jobs

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Internationally renowned for its great climate, immaculate beaches and out of this world architecture, Barcelona is also making a name for itself as a dynamic startup ecosystem.

Listed in the top 10 digital cities in the world Barcelona’s reputation as a thriving tech city has firmly been cemented, with entrepreneurs successfully setting up more than 200 active digital startups across fintech, gaming and e-commerce. And whilst Barcelona may lack the entrepreneurial maturity of Silicon Valley or London the tech scene is rapidly growing, as is the support system of accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces and increasing investment opportunities. Barcelona has also just beaten Madrid as the biggest startup ecosystem and the startups here receive much more attention from investors. It is also soon to have the highest co-working space density in the world. TypeformEdreams and UppTalk are just a few of the successful startups to come out the city so far.


Startups certainly aren’t the only thing to get excited about though. Spain is also home to global leaders in several sectors including banking, telecommunication, fashion and tourism. HP, Skyscanner and King, for example, have all set up offices in Barcelona.

With 20% of the population made up of foreigners Barcelona is a truly international city that draws in top global talent. There is a great culture of respecting a healthy work-life balance. Only 6% of employees work more than 50 hours a week on average and Spaniards devote the most amount of time pursuing leisure and personal care than any other country in the world. Perhaps down to the fact that there are 286 days of sunshine every year!

It’s also worth noting that the cost of living in Barcelona is significantly cheaper than most other European cities. In fact, as one man discovered, it is actually cheaper to live in Barcelona and commute by plane to London for work! So whether it’s the beaches, weather or the tapas that initially draws you to this city, you can rest assured that the dynamic tech scene is Barcelona also has lots to offer for talented technologists.


We are currently working closely with one of the largest travel companies in Southern Europe which also happens to be one of Europe’s largest e-commerce businesses with its headquarters in Barcelona. Present in 44 countries it serves 16 million customers across the globe with these numbers growing on a daily basis.

With a number of roles available you’ll need to have a hunger for learning, be ambitious and have a collaborative attitude. You’ll be building complex applications using the latest methods and technologies and at all stages you’ll be encouraged to share ideas and innovate to evolve the business further. They promote a dynamic and motivating environment where every team member can contribute and grow personally and professionally.

Every new developer that joins the team in the Barcelona HQ will have the opportunity to kick things off in a central pool of talent – which is the best way to get to grips with the company and how they work. You’ll exchange knowledge with your new employees before progressing into specific projects. If this is the kind of company you dream of working for then take a look at our jobs board or contact Zubair@global-m.co.uk for more information!


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